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   I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I have lived most of my life. I have always been interested in the humanities and arts. I am a psychoanalyst and also studied Literature at Buenos Aires University. I have written poetry and short stories that won some awards. 
   In 2009, when I was returning home from a trip to Paris, I realized that I not only did not want to leave that beloved city, but I decided not to lose my amazed eyes, that had gone through bridges, little winding streets, as foreigners or as just-born eyes. I returned to my city, Buenos Aires, wanting to look around as if I had never seen anything. That is where I met photography. 

I attended workshops with  Adriana Lestido,  Juan Travnick, Alberto Goldenstein, Alberto Garcia Alix ( In the FIFV in Chile) and Antoine D'Agata ( in Paraty Em Foco,Porto Alegre, Brasil)

I had my work exhibited USA,  Valparaíso ( FIFV) , Santiago de Chile, curated by Alberto García Alix, In France ( Pil Ours Festival), Spain, Taiwan, Malasya, England and in Argentina 
   My intention is to make my camera mix with my eyes, with my way of seeing, to  catch the singularity of common people, who are really never so common, and life in the streets. Reflections, special one-second expressions, geometric juxtapositions of shadows, lights, people, like kaleidoscopes. A gaze between two human beings who pass in the street and perhaps will never meet again. For me photography is a way of learning, click by click, what you are, what human beings, what this world is about

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